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Introducing my 7mth AB to my parent's 6yr old husky

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my parents have a 6yr old female siberian husky x alaskan malemute (Shakayne). they also have a 10yr old chow chow (Biskit).

i visit my parents a few times a week because they just live down teh road. I always take my AB (Nelson) with me because, my parents treat Nelson like their grandson and they love seeing him and when i don't bring him when i go to their house they're all sad, "wheres Nelson?".

So aaanyway Biskit,(teh Chow Chow) couldn't care less about Nelson, we can let Biskit in the house and Nelson and Biskit will be fine. But when Shakayne, (the Husky), sees Nelson in the house thru the security screen door to the back yard, she charges at the door and looks like she wants to kill him. But Shakayne has never been like that she's always just the perfect polite princess. Granted we never socialised Biskit or Shakayne with any other dogs. And Shakayne is quite jealous ie if you give Biskit a pat, she'll push him out the way so you can pet her.

Strange tho that Nelson is actually the one who sometimes instigates the fighting at the back door and they'll both bark and growl at eachother. Nelson has never showed agression to any other dog, he plays with our neighbour's New Foundland, Collie, Malemute, Australian Bulldog (all males) and has never gone at any of them the way he does with Shakayne. I don't know if Nelson is just trying to play or what. But I would love to be able to take Nelson to my parents house and let him outside so he can play with Shakayne and Biskit. When we tell the two off for fighting at the back door, shakayne will sit a few feet away from the door and stare at nelson with these crazy eyes that we've never seen before and nelson will be sitting at the door a few feet away wagging his tail. i feel sorry for nelson because i honestly think he just wants to play.

sometimes i think maybe i should just open the door and see waht they do or maybe wait till he's older first. becaue i've been told not to allow nelson to get into a situation where is is over powered by a bigger dog at this early age because that iwll instill fear in him for big dogs and we don't want to do that obviously.

Can anyone help me with how i can get them to play nice?
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Why do you want them to play together so bad? It's really not worth it. AB's aren't known for being "dog friendly" and this will become even more apparent as Nelson gets older. If you keep insisiting on putting him into these types of situations with other dogs one day he will be in a fight and you will regret it and once a dog gets into their first fight good luck trying to break them from it as many times it becomes a bad habit. Not to mention the vet bills. Nelson can have plenty of fun playing with you. YOU can be a better friend to Nelson that any other dog can be. If you want a dog that can safely romp with your family members dogs you should have got a Lab.
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