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Although this is my first post on bulldogbreeds.com, I have been visiting this forum and learning about my bully for over 6 months.

Before receiving my American Staffordshire Terrier at 10weeks of age, I was among the ignorant having the stereotypical mentallity of "killer pitbulls". My concern over owning an Amstaff was so severe that I, on numerous occasions, expressed my fear of having that type of dog alone with my fiance.

I was so wrong.

Having Tiffany in my life for the past 9 months has transformed my view of things. I have developed a deep love for her and her breed and I have yet to find a dog with such devotion and loyalty towards their owners. I can never see myself owning any other dog than an Amstaff or APBT.

My fiance and I have strove to provide her a healthy environment with many playmate meetings. We are doing our best to root out her innate dog aggression trait.

Here is tiff playing with a 2yr+ APBT http://www.jmweb.net/tiff/TiffandNitro.wmv
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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