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Is Bella too thin?

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I keep going back and forth on whether or not I think Bella is too thin. She hasn't gained any weight since she was about 12 months old. (She'll be 17 months old on Wednesday.) I can feel her ribs without putting any pressure on her middle, and I can see a lot of her spine when she's curled up in a ball. I can see some of vertebrae when she's sitting or stretching, but not when she is standing normally. I don't know if she's just lean or if she's too skinny. I just want her to be as healthy as possible. What do you think? Feed her more, or keep doing what I'm doing with her? She weighs 63lbs., and she gets 3 - 3.25 cups of Timberwolf Organics plus some treats every day.

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I think she looks great..
Thanks! I just get grossed out when I can see her spine when she moves a certain way, and then I worry that's starving or something. Remy is definitely a lot more "mushy" than Bella is, so I don't have to see that on him! :)
Looks good to me! It's funny how skinny her tail looks. Koa has such a fat tail! :lol:
I know this is an IAMS website - but this it the same chart they use at Tufts University. I hope this helps.
She looks great to me.

I think she looks perfect! :D
LuvaBULL said:
Looks good to me! It's funny how skinny her tail looks. Koa has such a fat tail! :lol:
Her tail is such a whip! I wish it were fatter (and slower!!) :lol:
Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I'm such a worrying dog mommy!
You are such a dog mommy, LOL, I think she looks fantastic. I am jealous of how healthy your pups look!
The two deadliest parts of the pit bull...

The top of their head, able to remove teeth with a single leap.
The whiplash tail, make them happy and you'll get what's coming for ya.

I think she looks fine. She seems like she is taller than Chapps....I haven't measured his height but he's 65lbs and the vet said he's the perfect weight.

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I won't even post pictures of Koa the overgrown sausage.
SHe looks beautiful to me, not too skinny by that pic.
I think as long as she has nice muscle definition she's fine. Maybe all her
food is being converted straight to muscle instead of fat.
Wish I could!!!!!! :lol:
Seriously, from everything i read...it's better to have a skinny dog
than a rounder one.

Boy, Bella and Chapps REALLY are two peas in a pod!
It is your worry mommie sindrum. I feel the same about Moose. I think Bella looks great.
She looks good. In fact, you WANT to be able to see some ribs (especially when the dog is in motion) & it's not a huge deal if a couple vertebrae are visible or the hip points for that matter IF the dog has good/great muscle tone. It's when the dog has no muscle tone & looks sunken in is there a problem.

In the top picture, my dog Rex was close to being in prime condition...in the bottom picture he was even closer:

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I think she looks great! My Pit Legend is about 85lbs.(he's tall)and he looks skinny when I compare him to other Pits. Im also an overprotective always worried dog mommy! lol.
Chapps is gorgeous!
Chapps is gorgeous!
Why thank you! He sends yummy kisses your way!
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