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OrsonDogge said:
Yes, I got papers from the NBA (national bulldogge assoc.)
So Orson is definatly not 100% generation oeb, more like a new oeb breed line?
Orson has had surgery for a luxating patella which is hereditary and very common in english bulldogs,
I wondered where that was passed from, now I have a clue since he has lots of EB in him.
And answers my questions on why he looks different from most oeb (to me he does,
to me he looks more like a bully american bulldog).
Go over to the IOEBA.net, they will have alot of info for you. There is alot of OEB breeders there that will answer your questions. There are still some first generation crosses happening, even now. Do I agree with it?? Not really. But I can't control what other people choose to do with their dogs. You can also read up on the different breeds mixed to make the OEB. You will see that APBT, AB, EB, even mastiff are in the make of one. Your dog is an OEB. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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