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Is he still an OEB?

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Found out some about Orson's lineage. His grandfather is 100% english bulldog and grandmother is half english bulldog/ half APBT mix. So would Orson's sire be 75% EB and 25% APBT?? Is that mix an OEB? His dam is a generation Olde english bulldogge. What do I really have?? Can I still call my boy an OEB?
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OEB's are such a bastardized breed at this point call your dog what you want to call him. Breeders can pretty much register anything as an OEB with very few questions asked. There is so much variance in what is considered "standard" for this breed its pretty pointless to try to pigeonhole it.

Bottom line is there are lots of 'alternative' bulldogs out there, and as long as you end up with a healthy dog that your happy with thats all that matters. Due to the fact that there is so much grey area in what is considered an OEB your gonna run into alot of people that will call your dog a mutt, or a cross breed or whatever but does it really matter? Alot of time you get breeders who can act very condescending, I call them dog snobs. Just don't pay attention to them.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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