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Patch said:
Thanks guys. My husband seems to think there's nothing wrong with the Pedigree stuff as Patch is lapping it up much faster than the High quality stuff. But i am going to have to switch... i'm going to start making him food, and mixing that with premium stuff.
Do you suggest I buy chicken mince and cook it with rice and vegies etc?
I calculated that if i were to buy high quality stuff, it would cost me about AUS$80 a month, as opposed to about $20 a month for supermarket stuff...
but i have to put his health first!...
Also, just want to add that your dog doesn't need any canned food (if I understood completely). Canned foods are much more expense & are mostly water & fillers & usually give dogs extremely soft stools. He should be fine with a good quality kibble. And since your husband & mine sound alike :wink: , just tell him it's cheaper in the long run to feed a quality food that to pay vet bills for the dog having allergies, skin problems, ear infections, etc. all which are associated with poor nutrition & of course you would then have to pay for all the lovely medications your doggie would be on to help control all the issues.

Good luck!!
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