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is it ok to feed dogs raw eggs?

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hidey ho,

some of u may know my problem with getting nelson to eat all his food. well we've tried putting a little yoghurt in his dry dogfood and putting a little brine from a tuna can in his food and that worked for a while now hes sick of it. then one of our friends suggested cracking a raw egg into his food and he loved that to bits. but i jsut wanted to make sure that its okay to feed raw egg to your dog before we continue to do it.

i've read a few conflicting thing about this topic, some say yes, some say no. what do u say?
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yes its ok to feed a raw egg, give him the shell too if he likes it.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I used to feed our Dalmation raw eggs about once a month. We would crack it over his food and he'd eat it up.

I have not tried this with my bully pup but I will once I feel he is old enough. I think I read somewhere that the eggs can be good for their coat.

Try it out. It can't hurt.
ok cool, how often can i give him a raw egg over his food? once a month? once a week? everyday?
I don't think I would do it more than once or twice a month. I believe they can be quite fattening [/quote]
Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition and there is no reason why you can't feed several eggs a week. It's all about not over feeding your dog. So, if you normally feed kibble, and you want to give an egg, just feed a little less kibble. Problem solved.

As far as them being raw, just be forwarned that some dogs do not tolerate raw egg whites. You will find out when you do the backyard cleanup whether or not your dog can tolerate it. If they can't you will surely find out!
you can feed eggs daily if you want too
My dogs get 3 a week
every second day
Their coats are amazing and they love them
So far i have had no problems with diarea and things
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