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Its been a while. Here is my monster

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I haven't taken any pics for a while. I feel like such a bad mommy. He is growing up and I haven't even been keeping up with my pictures. I took a few yesterday on my phone. Here they are.

This is his rope. He has to play inside b/c of his foot, so we bring his outside toys in. Spoiled brat.

This is my Cookie Monster that my hubby won me. We cleaned out the car and brought it in. Well Deuce found it within minutes.

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Teehee. I love Deucey's sad bully face. :love7:
Deuce is such a cutie. I love his pouty lip in the last picture. :)
He's a handsome boy. Those sad faces make me feel guilty, even in a picture.
Thanks. Its tough. That is his face he makes all the time now. His underbite is showing up but just slightly, so it always looks like he is pouting. Every once in a while a tooth will get stuck on his lip and that is really cute. We laugh every time it happens. He cracks us up with his personality.
Deuce is such a heartbreaker! he is really growing up into SUCH a handsome boy! Definitely need to see some more pics! :D
deuce is such a cutie.....and i absolutely love the last pic!!

thanks for sharing :D
He's gotten so big! What a cute face that guy has!!!
Your Duece does remind me of my Orson. A face you can't say no to!! No wonder they are spoiled,
all they have to do is flash those big sad eyes and it's theirs!
He sure is a good looking boy. Oh and I love his cow spots, that is so cool!

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Aww...he's too much!! Love him! :D
gotta love the pout! I just love it! The last shot is great!
he's too cute! :D
great pics

He is definately turning into a looker.
Lyla says HI!! :hello2:
Thanks guys. His head is so big, I am not quite sure how I am going to get him out the door. Hee hee hee.
Awwwww, so pretty.
Hey~I think I've had that same couch. :D
It was given to me when I got married. Hand me down. Our house is red and black colors so it doesn't match, but we have a black slip cover for it. Yeah, black, with a white haired dog. Not the best idea.
Ha! Mine was a hand me down too.
Hair, smchmare......... hee hee hee
Yeah, he is shedding like crazy right now. I am going to be in your are this weekend. We are takin Deuce to SA to see a specialist.
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