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Ive got question on breeders vs byb

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I am not starting this topic to start trouble. I have seen a lot of byb dogs and a lot of proffessonal breed dogs. A lot of people on here rip the byb's new asses but never hear anything bad about the kennels etc. The reason of me bringing this up is most of the muntant looking dogs I see are from kennels.THese being the 100 pound apbt's , lowriders, etc. They are charging an arm and leg for these dogs that look horrid and half are probally mutts. I am not saying every kennel is this way but it seems like a lot are. To prove my point go to yahoo or google and do a search for an apbt pup. Now to get at the byb point of view. My dog and several other dogs on the forum and people I know are breed from byb's. They seem to look better and more standered than most i can find in kennels. They are a 1/4 of the price on top of that. That being said is probally one the reasons byb's get so much support. I am not saying every kennel is bad but on the same hand i am not saying every byb is bad thats just my opinion.I know everyone on here has opinions of thier own so whats yours with theese point of views being stated? Also lets be civil about this and not start a bunch of trouble and get this thread locked and people fighting.
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I understand the topic of this thread, and Im going to try to put my point of view out there, not to be slammed or to be accused of being a byb all over again, but to express my viewpoints.

"Professional breeders" are breeders who complete EVERY step of the cycle for breeding. Titleing both parents the best they can be, every health step taken in the book prior to breeding. Culling the pups who may not be worthy.Breeding only to pass along perfect genes.

BYb's usually do not health test to the max. Most or alot are not titled or even shown for that matter. ALOT(not all) are in it to breed over and over again to make a quick buck, refusing to take notice to what they are oing to their bitch, and the breed in general. NOT being responsible for any imperfect dog that happens to be whelped, they just sell it and change their phone numbers.

Dont know much about the Gotti lines, but in defense of the RE lines, RE in itself IS NOT byb. It has taken that name through all the idiots out there that had purchased an RE dog, and in its awe, turned around and re bred it over and over, thus, making a bunch of freak monsters. Dav eis trying awefully hard to re create the once great RE line that originally existed long ago, to bring dignity back to the name. I know, I have one. Dixie is RE, AND generally resembles his original old school line that was once so respected.

Botttem line, if there were no BYbs and just professional breeders out there, the dog population would be greatly reduced-HOWEVER- nobody out there would be able to afford a "pet" anymore either.

Its a vicious circle out there, and it will never end. NOTHING anyone does will bring it to a close. There will always be your opinions of professional breeders verses BYbs.

I myself is considered a byb. My dog was not health tested nor titled before her breeding. I have 7 beautiful puppies from her. I have 1 with an over bite, definatly big and noticable. I will try to use this dog for obed or wp, and hopefully we will succeed. He will however never be worthy of conformation. You tell me......If he accels at earning great titles from another sport, is he NOT WORTHY of breeeding???I also have another so slow to develop, she is so unsteady on her legs, until we know which path she will take, she is staying. I also need a dog for conformation, that leaves us with keeping 3 out o fher litter.Something i expected???No, but something I was willing to do from the beginning. I have one sold to a show home in Ohio, good call there. I have one going to a guys home who lost his dog after 10 years to cancer, no kids, wife, his dogs even eat at the table with him, but withholding the papers. Another going to a pet home, with a contract.The other 2 are still for sale.

This litter has great ptoential from 5 of the 7 born. They were byb. I am awefully proud to have this litter. And I guarantee they are prolly the best looking byb pups out there right now!!
I dont want to start anything, dont want any slams from thie either, just ttrying to get a point across about the original post. There are some wonderful pups being byb all the time, I think it is a MORALS thing amongst the breeders. What morals they have and hold, because w/out morals, we have trash!
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