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Ive got question on breeders vs byb

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I am not starting this topic to start trouble. I have seen a lot of byb dogs and a lot of proffessonal breed dogs. A lot of people on here rip the byb's new asses but never hear anything bad about the kennels etc. The reason of me bringing this up is most of the muntant looking dogs I see are from kennels.THese being the 100 pound apbt's , lowriders, etc. They are charging an arm and leg for these dogs that look horrid and half are probally mutts. I am not saying every kennel is this way but it seems like a lot are. To prove my point go to yahoo or google and do a search for an apbt pup. Now to get at the byb point of view. My dog and several other dogs on the forum and people I know are breed from byb's. They seem to look better and more standered than most i can find in kennels. They are a 1/4 of the price on top of that. That being said is probally one the reasons byb's get so much support. I am not saying every kennel is bad but on the same hand i am not saying every byb is bad thats just my opinion.I know everyone on here has opinions of thier own so whats yours with theese point of views being stated? Also lets be civil about this and not start a bunch of trouble and get this thread locked and people fighting.
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What's a BYB or a puppy miller is all just opinion, and you know how that goes.
Some people have higher standards then others and sadly some people don't have any standards at all.
Just because somebody has a kennel and seems professional doesn't mean he is better than the guy down the road that has only two dogs and peddles them in the local paper.
It all comes down to what's acceptable for you, just don't expect me to agree with it. :wink:
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