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Jasper was 13 when she developed liver cancer and lymphoma. She was having a terrible time breathing and seemed to have become very thick through the midsection. I took her to the vet and she said, I'm quite certain she has lymphoma, we can put her down now if you want.
IMAGINE! No tact! No empathy!
So I took her to my mom's vet and he seconded (?) the diagnosis and said it is advisable to put her down but go home and think about it. It would have been terrible death otherwise as she was suffocating by the cancer pushing on her lungs.
We took her to Mc Donalds for a kids burger. We took her for a car ride and a walk in the park. She watched the ducks and kids. Just enjoyed her day. Then the next day we took her to the vet. I still have a hard time talking about it - and it was 3 yrs ago.
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