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Hello everyone,

My name is Jaxen and I am the proud owner of a one-year-old bulldog. I recently signed up for this bulldog forum to connect with other bulldog owners and learn more about this amazing breed.

I've always been a dog lover, but when I first got my bulldog, I was amazed by their unique personalities and quirks. Bulldogs are known for their loyalty, affectionate nature, and wrinkly faces that can brighten up any day.

As a new bulldog owner, I am excited to learn more about how to take care of my furry friend and provide them with the best possible life. I am looking forward to connecting with other bulldog owners, sharing tips and advice, and hearing about your experiences with these wonderful pets.

Thank you for welcoming me to this bulldog forum. I am eager to become a part of this community and learn more about these amazing dogs.
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Hello, welcome jaxenpage, to BDB!
sign the Forum Rules - MUST read AND sign..
Please check out the Tutorials Tech Help/Tutorials to help you with the site functions.

There are so many articles and post in our files to help you. Enjoy.
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