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OK... I have been inspired to share with you what little artisic ability that lies in me......

You are the soft breeze that blows
on a hot, summer day
You are the moonlight that shines down
with soft, gentle rays
You are the warmth of a fire
that burns in the cold winter night
You are the star, upon I wish,
the one that shines so bright.

You are the dew that glistens
in the bright morning sun
You are the laughter of our children
when they are having fun
You are the tear that falls down,
when pain just seems to stay
You are the sweetness of a kiss,
that turns the hurt away.

You are the hero in my life
that tells me I am strong
You are the voice inside my head
that keeps me hanging on
You are the bells that ring for love
and all that it stands for
You are the love that I feel
and with that I need no more.....

Author Rachel Zugg -- October 06, 1999
Copyright Pending...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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