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Just a suggestion

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Since there appears to be a vast difference of opinion between the working and non working crowd here how about if the non working crew stays off of the threads posted in this section? If you don't "work" your dog then you add very little in experience and knowledge to this section.

We all know that 99% of the fights are between these two groups and I have a feeling this is why this section was created.

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That would be fine, but the working dog members have to promise to stay off our threads too. :wink:

No offense, and I'll try not to sugarcoat. :wink: Has there really been a problem with "non" working dog members posting in this section? I've seen a few threads to complain (surprise surprise!), a question about hunting rabbits, which isn't really a "working" question....and a question about Staffies in the working field. Nothing too technical that a member of average intelligence who's been around a while couldn't answer. I think we can all use common sense -- when someone posts a question that we cannot answer, we won't answer. No need to segregate or dictate who can post what where. That's just going to extremes. If the working dog people don't want to hear a word from us, they can go to another forum, you know? This IS a pet forum, root just "allowed" a new section. This isn't really the time to be making demands, it's a time to say THANK YOU. Just my 2 cents. We have ALL put up with a lot of differences in opinion for a long time, I think they can put up with a few pet owners chiming in every now & then if it makes them happy. No one has really offered any unsound advice. I've seen a few questions, and maybe some reasonable suggestions. Nothing to get excited over.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! :D
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xxmind0vermatter said:
hunting isnt a "working" job for dogs?
That's not what I meant, I'm sorry. I meant people were answering the question "would he eat it" or "is it ok to eat it" ... something along those lines. I wouldn't call that a "working" question, and we are all fully capable of answering that without sounding like complete morons. Give us some credit -- we all may not "work" our dogs, but we're not so stupid that we can't figure out if a dog will eat a rabbit that it has caught. Know what I mean?
xxmind0vermatter said:
Ive kind of figured out nobody can answer that question. Some dogs will eat every last inch of it. Other dogs will just play with it. other dogs wont even chase the rabbit. Yeah I see what your saying i was just givin you a hard time :wink:
LOL, then you'll fit right in here! :lol: Thanks for uderstanding what I meant. I didn't mean to insult your question. I think every question is important!

James, just to further what I've been trying to say, (only in a "nicer" way) I do acknowledge and appreciate your point. I do think that everyone will naturally only contribute what they think is helpful. The trouble starts when someone else has a different definition of what is "helpful." I really do hope to see harmony on this forum again. Last time it took a tragedy to get everyone to see eye to eye, and remember why we're here. I hope it doesn't come down to that. I truly do think everyone here has something important to say, and it would be so wonderful if we could all respect each other, as if we were sitting in the same room. It's so much easier to bash and lash out when you're only staring at a keyboard, and not reading someone's expression. I'm very guilty of that just as much as the next person. I am TRYING my hardest to not take things so seriously and just take what's valuable, and disregard the rest. TRYING to bite my tongue and play nice. (I was a bad girl last night, :oops: LOL) I hope we can all learn something from each other. Whether it's how to train a dog, or how to have patience.

(Does anyone else feel like joining hands and singing We Are The World?) OK, maybe it's just me. :wink: :tongue3:

Cheers~ :eek:ccasion5:
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LOL, And here I thought James came back to join us... Look at me up there wearing my mighty mod crown. :lol:
CowBella said:
forever_pit said:
attitude said:
fyi Drakoshuman, this thread is a few years old :lol:
I was reading this thread in recent topics and thinking OMG wtf has happened since this morning?!?! :lol:
Haha... me too.. I was getting my search on, looking for what Trina said last night. LOL :wink:
LMAO, I think that was when PeterC and I butted heads. I ended up totally loving the guy... I wish he'd come back too!
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