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Just going through some of Bella's puppy pictures

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I like to do this every couple of months or so. All of these pictures were taken last spring/summer. I miss my little baby pit bull!

She HATED that gate. She learned how to bulldoze through it at 9 weeks old.

The day we brought her home from her spaying surgery, 18 weeks old

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Rachel Zugg said:
How do you not have puppy fever after looking at those pics?!?!

She is too adorable Leeann....
I look at the pictures and then think back to what a royal pain in the butt Bella was as a puppy! :lol:
Kasco said:
OMG How sweet. She sure didn't stay little for very long did she? :(
She sure didn't. At 12 weeks, she was already 21lbs. By 18 weeks, she was 35lbs.!
Rachel Zugg said:
:lol: that is a good reason!

She is soooo shiny in those pics. What is that food you feed again?
Last summer we were feeding her Innova. She eats Timberwolf Organics now.
OrsonDogge said:
That gate pic is adorable, what a cutie!!
You can tell she is going to be big, just look at the
size of her paws! :shock:
LOL! Yeah, she's finally grown into those huge paws! The vet told us she probably wouldn't get above 50-60lbs., but she's at 63lbs. right now (almost 17 months old).
apbtgurl26 said:
Koda is over 50lbs and only a little over 6 months old :shock:
Wow! He's going to be a big boy! Bella was about 7 or 8 months old when she hit the 50 pound mark.
Bogart said:
Awww, what a perfect looking little pup. I love the way
she's curled up in that first picture. I didn't realize that
she was so big. She's only a little smaller than Bogart.
She's a big, tall girl! At 21 inches tall, she's much taller than female APBTs should be. I'm glad she's not as big as her momma, who is about 80lbs.!
PitBullRoyalty said:
80 pounds?!

Yeah, my late girl weighed 65 pounds and was about 24 inches tall. I like em tall.
Yeah, Bella's mom is a big girl! I haven't seen her in over a year, and she was 80 lbs. with some of her "mommy fat" still left over. I'm not sure what she weighs now. Here's a picture of what she looked like when Bella was 12 weeks old:

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Oh, and here are her brothers and sisters. :D

I can't resist posting puppy pictures!!!
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