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Just joined up, greetings....

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I picked up my first American bulldog on Tuesday. I want to adopt/ rescue so I headed to the adoption clinic and there she was. I picked her up and brought her home with me. Her name is Jasmine and shes 7 weeks old. I have a few questions. She weighs around 5lbs, how much should I feed her daily ? She is eating weigh beyond the suggested amount on the back of her food, which is a cup a day. She eats a cup for breakfest :lol: . I went and bought some "natural" dry food from Purina along with some wet food from Pedigree. I also bought her some chew toys and some treats. I am so happy with her. My other question is that sometimes while sleeping she starts to shiver, like a sort of a spasm, she's actually only done it once. When should I start to exercise her ? I play rough with her and tug on her toys to help her gain strenth but thats about it. I have taken her on short walks but I end on carrying her. Also, she is peeing all over the house. If it was in one area of the house I would be ok with it, but she goes all around the house. How do train her to go outside ? I bought some papers for dogs that are supposed to help with training. I can't think of any more questions but I'll post up some more as some come to mind. Thanks in advance. Here she is....how does she look ?
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Cute pup, you are going to love the breed =0)

My Brody is 12 weeks tomorrow and finally potty trained. I crate trained him at first to help get him on a schedule at night. I would wake up every two or three hours and let him out. Ugh... a drag. Then praise him when he went and gave him a treat. They pick up on it real quick, I think that is probably the easiest way. Now he has a bed next to mine and sleeps all night. Just remember they need to go a lot =0) Specially after eating and play, the bonus with the crate is they have that den instict and avoid going where they sleep.

The potty pads never have worked for me but I have some friends who swear by them.

Anyway, welcome!
The lates is the Oly arms K3B Car. Heres a pic from their site:

They have pretty good customer service. I've heard really good things about Bushmaster... so that will be my next.

My first was a plinker from oly, inexpensive and fun to shoot. Plus it has a lifetime warranty. =0)

I have shot a 45 HK at the firing range, it was a dream. Personally, thats my fav pistol.
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