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Just wanted to brag

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I think that Nikita is the prettiest girl. I am such a proud parent. I took some shots this afternoon to submit to heather the artist! I just wanted to put them on a seperate thread to show off. I love her to the moon ALICE!
She has the Bella pose down for sure!!

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What a beautiful girl! I love the spot over her eye.
She is a lovely girl. She always looks so alert. Love it!
I love those AB puppy wrinkles in the first pic!
She is very pretty! And I'd say she has the Bella pose down pretty well!

She is worth bragging about.....I bet you are a proud Mom.
Funny how their personalities make them all the more loveable.

I love the last photo.....she reminds me of a colt that hasn't quite
grown into her legs yet....
How old is she??

Very pretty...
She has settled in fine. I have already taught her "Kennel" on command. She is an excellent student!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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