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I'm not sure on the dosage of Pepto...hopefully somoene else can answer that.

As far as feeding her, I would wait until she has gone AT LEAST 12 hours with NO diarrhea, and then give her a small amount of food. Build back up to a normal sized feeding for her, don't do it all at once. NOTHING irriatets the intestinal tract more than large quantities of food, no matter how bland the food is.

Cannon could be right about the hair loss...that may be a stress reaction to not feeling well and soiling her kennel. If Justice didn't have the greatest start in life (ie: neglect by her previous owners), then her immune system may be more susceptible to viruses, particulalry gastrointestinal viruses, sinc ethey're the most easily spread. You may also want to talk to your vet about boosting her immune system with some supplements.

I hope she's feeling better soon. You may want to call the vet and give them a head's up about the diarrhea...they may be able to give you some advice over the phone or they may want a stool sample brought in the day of her appt.
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