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Kate ate....*updated* We have the glove!

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Suprise suprise she ate something....

but she ate my batting glove?!!?!? I think she left 2 scraps just to show me. But two pieces were in scraps so I was hoping everything else was too so she would slowly poop it out.

well she just threw up all of her breakfast twice, the 2nd one had some black in it (probably from the dye of the glove) but I don't think there is any cloth in it.

So I'm assuming the glove is just sitting in her stomach and thats why she threw up her food. Should I give her some hydogen peroxide to try to throw up the rest of it?
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It's not just bullies. My bf's shih tzu ate a j-cloth and an SOS pad recently. Big things for such a little dog! We think she's trying to clean. :D
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