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OMG! I just watched most of your Orson videos....my kids and I were laughing SO HARD. My fave was 'The Bulldogge and His Cats'...especially when the second cat runs in for a second and then runs back out...Orson looked so confused :lol:

Thanks for the great start to my day...I love Orson (and now so do my kids!!)....

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If anyone is interested, the opening scenes are my take
of the original opening of movie.
Here the original is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWjqvh2uJkw
Ok, ok, i have way too much free time! :D

Yeah, i really can't believe he doesnt hurt himself with those
whacks! Apparently it's too much fun to feel any pain! :lol:
And if he has knocked himself silly...i wouldnt be able to
tell anyways :wink:
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