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killians day at the lake, swimming pic

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killian playing with raine, my ex's ab

ha ha trying to achieve take of with those ears

swimming! although this time he didnt do quite as well, his back end sinks sometimes we had to rescue him! :lol:

we found something!

or not....

and my most favorite part of the trip is that hes too tired to do anything when we get back. enjoy.

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angie7349 said:
They are too cute!!! .................. :love3: ...I smell a reconciliation?
ha ha if life were easier maybe 8) its really funny raine is actually protective of him, if he went up to strangers she would come up and nudge him away from them and try and get him to follow her. (she is not social towards people she doesnt know)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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