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Not sure what you would think of this, but one of the families I gave a puppy to was considering getting his tail cropped. I made a big to do about it, telling them~well everything as to ehy they can not do it.

So, I made the trip to the vet with them, because it is in my contract, they cannot alter the dog w/out my permission other then ears.

Thankfully, the vet said NO WAY, to crop a dogs tail it has to be within 2 to 7 days old. ESPECIALLY in an APBT whose tail is not supposed to be cropped anyways, and at age 9 weeks, the tail has already long begun to "fuse" to the spine, causing it to be near impossible to crop. It should only be done for emergency purposes, and it is a very serious surgery.

Not that this thread was about tail cropping, but to point that the tail, as he says, is fused to the spine, thats why we shouldnt pull dogs tails!

maybe he has a fracture in one of the bones, hopefully if it has to be something, that is all.

Id take him to make sure it hasnt effecting anything farther.

Good luck.
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