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Koa's skin infection (with PICS!)

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I just realized, there are enough antibiotics in here for 3 weeks. That seems a little extreme to me. He's on a high dose, I wonder if that was a mistake? 10-14 days should be more than enough. I think anything more than that, and you're just wiping out all the good bacteria as well. At least that's the way it is with humans. The only time I was prescribed antibiotics for that long was when I had meningitis. I really think 3 weeks for a skin infection is overkill.

On another note, he's looking better. The redness is going away. The infected areas are healing, but it's going to take a while for his hair to grow back. I want to make sure his nutrition is supreme so it grows back as lush and shiny as it used to. Oh yeah... they want me to bathe him in medicated shampoo -- how the heck am I gonna do that? I can't lift him anymore, he's too big. I'm gonna just have to tie him to something and take the hose to him. (I'll connect it to warm water.) Oh man, he is gonna HATE me for this.
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Glad to hear Koa's infection is clearing up. Was there a cause ever determined? I would definitely check with your vet regarding the length of time he's supposed to be on it...3 weeks does seem awfully long. You may also want to be giving him yogurt (if you aren't already) to make sure the antibiotics don't wreak havoc on his digestive system. Plus, it will help keep the 'good bacteria' in his system.
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