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Last 2 photos of Diablo I found in my camera

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These were the last shots I had of him before he joined his new home. Just found them in my camera. What a goof. :lol:

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redbull said:
. What a goof. :lol:
you know in certin circles goof is a bad word verry bad :shock: FYI ! :wink: cheers
coool pics though
redbull said:
He is. I wish I could have sold him to someone from this forum, but the family that has him came along at the right time and were offering the right home. It's just a little far from me (out in New Brunswick) :( I'll go visit him again though, probably next summer.
ok i may be way off but isent Tia from here got him ? there from NB iam lost :?
o ok cool :wink: wasent sure :wink:
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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