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last pics of Nala

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I took some pics of Nala before she goes to her new home. They asked to see updated pics. I'm thinking she will probably go next weekend. Maybe sooner if I can get her in tomorrow for her booster shot.

These pics were extremely difficult to get. She was running away from me in all of them, so I put her on a leash. She still looks like she fears her life, but this was the best I could do. She just doesn't like the camera the way Heaven and Koa do!

You can't see her big floppy ears because she tucks them when she's nervous. Ah well... I hope her new owners like these!

PS: I know she looks really skinny, but I feed her a minimum of 4 cups per day (a lot for a puppy) but she doesn't gain weight. The vet just says she's a slow gainer.
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Maybe she needs some homeopathic stuff for nervous doggies (I think it's called rescue remedy?).

I've been feeding Diesel 3 cups per day (plus cookies) and he's still at a steady 45 pounds (we run an hour a day too).
Ok you two, back to your corners..


I'll admit I was taken aback by the photos (as i'm sure the adopters were), but i doubt Trina is doing anything wrong.
Oh, she's at her new home already?

Congrats for her!
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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