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last pics of Nala

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I took some pics of Nala before she goes to her new home. They asked to see updated pics. I'm thinking she will probably go next weekend. Maybe sooner if I can get her in tomorrow for her booster shot.

These pics were extremely difficult to get. She was running away from me in all of them, so I put her on a leash. She still looks like she fears her life, but this was the best I could do. She just doesn't like the camera the way Heaven and Koa do!

You can't see her big floppy ears because she tucks them when she's nervous. Ah well... I hope her new owners like these!

PS: I know she looks really skinny, but I feed her a minimum of 4 cups per day (a lot for a puppy) but she doesn't gain weight. The vet just says she's a slow gainer.
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LuvaBULL said:
Well I actually do feed her closer to 6 cups, but I was afraid you guys would think I was going overboard. I've BEEN feeding her 4-6 cups a day for months, but she freaks out around food, so half the time she vomits it back up. Lovely, I know.
4-6 cups itsnt bad. Legend and his greedy self was eating that at one sitting when he was a pup! :shock: ..She might not be gaining weight as fast because of her nervousness.
msvette2u said:
LuvaBULL said:
Well I will pass along the recipe to her next owners. Not much I can do in a week's time. I think once she is in a home where she can relax and not worry about my dogs stealing her food (even though they are fed separately), maybe she will put on weight.
You don't separate them and feed her in her crate??
you missed the part where it says she feeds them seperately. :D
msvette2u said:
Well if they saw those pics it could be why they quit e-mailing. She really doesn't look good, you say her hips aren't sticking out but I can see them in at least one of the pics.
What kind of food is she eating? Is it possible to feed her less of it, more often? Her coat looks rather poor too, as if malnourished. If she's "healthy" as per your vet's tests, then maybe she does have something metabolically wrong.
Pardon me for saying so but it seems she's really taken a back seat since you made up your mind to rehome her. I think you're going to have her longer than you're assuming or expecting so if you really want to do right by her, you should step up the care of her, physically and in other aspects too. If it takes moving her to a quiet area of the home for her to relax and eat maybe you need to do that.
Because as long as she looks like this, nobody is going to want her :(
***PS Since she's going to be with you longer, you may want to mix up the Satin Balls, too ;)
If I had the room I would take her! :D Gemyni was a nervous dog too in 4-5 weeks she's completely a different dog! Her personality, eating habits, playing w/ other dogs everything! :D
LuvaBULL said:
msvette2u said:
You're right - this will be my last post in this thread.
But just to clarify - everyone has problems, not everyone posts in great detail however like Trina does.
There's no excuse for letting a dog look like this however.
People have given Trina suggestions and continue to do so and they all fall on deaf ears. That, to me, doesn't wash.
So, good luck little Nala, hopefully your next option will pan out for you...
I don't "let" Nala look like this. She is given a warm bed with plenty of high quality food in her tummy, and LOTS of hugs & kisses. Oh poor, poor Nala, she's so neglected! Just LOOK at how miserable she is in my home!!! Oh the HORROR!


She looks terrible in the pics yesterday because she was nervous, and I can't make her NOT nervous, I'm sorry. She is thin because she is so nervous that she INHALES her food, I swear that girl doesn't chew... then she vomits. I take care of her very well, but she has issues that I cannot mend.

Yup, everyone has problems. I have shared some of mine with my friends here. Not everyone shares that much of their lives here. I respect that. I also thank my lucky stars I have met such wonderful people on here that allow to me moan and groan when I need to. :lol:

No suggestions fell on deaf ears. I think what you really mean to say is, you tried to forcefeed "your way," and I rejected your suggestions because they weren't right for me. I discovered what was best for Nala, and that meant re-homing her. Sorry that doesn't "wash" for you.
Don't worry about it! Your doing right by Nala! :D NO NEED TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF to people WHO DONT GET IT! :D
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LuvaBULL said:
Thanks, bigut!

Well I just heard back from Nala's new owners... I sent her the pics with another explanation about her weight, and they still want her. She just said, "no problem, we'll fix that." She also said, "don't worry, I'll keep you updated with lots of pictures."
YAY YAY YAY! :hello1:
:D I'm so happy for Nala! :D
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