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Pitchic27 said:
I do so miss our foster when I see your photos :(

He was so handsome! Snuggle your baby for me :(

Wow. The markings are even very similar, not to mention the eyes and color. I will definitely snuggle her for you (just one more excuse to do so ;) )!

The color is hard to describe. It is not necessarily red or fawn, but somewhere in betwen. It reminds me of butterscotch for some crazy reason?!?!

Chauc really does love her. They are like best friends already. I love it!

I finally got to see the bulldog smile from her last night, but I couldn't get any pictures because my roomie took his camera back for the weekend :( . Hopefully I will get some good shots of it soon. It was adorable.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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