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Lazy dog!

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He's so lazy!!! All that playtime with Bella had him worn out! He's been lounging for 5 days!


What a LAZY dog!
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ambulldogpup said:
Put some underwear on that pup! LOL, i'm just kidding, Abby lays like that first one all the time Haus is such a ham, He looks really poope out though. Bella look what you've done!
You aren't kidding!! He's such a ham for the cam, but when you look that good!! :lol: I'm only kidding, but I swear he has an ego!

And Kate, I don't know what his deal is with letting it all hang out, but his 'stuff' will be gone soon!
bella_blue said:
Bella's been lounging around more than normal, too. :) Silly pups! I bet they miss each other.
I bet they do!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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