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Lazy Dog

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anyone else have an extremely lazy dog the past week or so? Must be the heat but The Bub has been laying around a lot lately. He'll get up to play tug and wrestle around but if we aren't being active he just lays on top of the AC vent.

He isn't eating as much as usual either.
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It's definitely the heat. When I let Bella and Remy outside, they come right back to the door after doing their business. (Usually they play as long as we'll let them.) They lie on the living room floor panting like they had just run a marathon!
Kasco said:
Yeah, I don't think my dogs have been outside maybe an hour total over these last few days. They go out, do their business and right back inside. They're driving me crazy cuz instead of wrestling and playing outside, they're doing it in my living room! Grrrrr.... :evil:
I feel your pain!! I can tell my dogs are totally bored and need more exercise because they're acting like they've never had any obedience training at all!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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