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cky3396 said:
this sounds good but wont the dog determine that he hates the leash after a while because it's so gross? can this create problems?
No. He shouldn't be biting on the leash anyway. He will learn that the leash means going for a walk or leaving or whatever and that it's not a chew toy. It would be different if his owner was beating him with the leash, know what I mean?

xxmind0vermatter said:
WHy not just take the leash out of the dogs mouth and say "NO"? my pit 8ball always chewed on his leash wen i took him for a walk wen i first got him. I just take it out of his mouth say "NO" and if he listens pat his head. He doesnt do it anymore.
That's easier said than done with some dogs, lol. I've seen PUPS who will hang on to their leash for dear life, and trying to choke them off doesn't even work. One even posts on this board, hehe. :wink: :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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