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Hi Lee

When I try to upload photos from my galaxy android it says the file is too big and says it is resizing it then it errors out and I can't upload pictures. I have tried resizing them on my android but it still doesn't work
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Hi Maryellen,
What kind of errors are you seeing? What is the error message is there is one? I would ask you to post a screenshot if possible.

I use my cell phone so I can't copy and paste the message. It says my file is too big do you want it resized. So I hit yes and them it errors out and doesn't attach my photo

What is the file size that you are trying to upload?

I don't know I will look at my cell for photo size but it didnt work even when i made the picture size super small

I am on my iPhone right now and am going to try to upload a pic

Ok when i try with my iPhone on Best it says you exceed your quota by 5.14 mb

On small it says by 5.13 mb
Ok galaxy android photos size is 5312 x 2988

I just lowered it to 3264 x 1836
Ok on android now to try to upload pic.

And it error ed again

It said resize- your image is too large and will be resized do you still wish to use this image? Choose yes or no. If I choose yes it says uploading then stops and says an error occurred while uploading. If I choose no nothing happens
What image type is it the image? jpeg?

I am not sure but I think my pics are jpeg

You need to change your photo sizing in your phone, unless you're shooting in RAW or super fine mode, most images shouldn't be more than 1mb. If it's that big, it also means that your image sizes are huge.
Depending on your phone, you can either change the photo saving method from the camera options or go into your gallery and re-size it using an app if the phone doesn't already have a re-sizing option.

Also, on this forum each user only has about 5 mb of attachment space. I can increase that but it'll add up in your user cp.

Please check here: http://www.bulldogbreeds.com/forum/profile.php?do=editattachments

I don't mind adding another 5mb to the usergroup but also please be aware that if you post something that big, it will also make it harder for other mobile users to view depending on their internet connectivity.

If I make my photo size smaller it will barely be visible on my phone, and I made them the smallest on my phone and they still can't be uploaded as on my galaxy android the smallest size is still too big for the forum.
When I made them the smallest on my iPhone they were still to big for the forum.as well. I used both phones and made the size the smallest there was.
it doesn't make it small actually, it resizes the image but when you tab on it on the phone, it should enlarge.

I went to the smallest size on my iPhone and Android and I still get the error
Can you email me the picture? I'll test it out on my side. Sorry about this. We'll get it working asap.

I need your email to send you the picture......
[email protected]

Oops... sorry. I forgot the most important part.


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