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Hi Lee

When I try to upload photos from my galaxy android it says the file is too big and says it is resizing it then it errors out and I can't upload pictures. I have tried resizing them on my android but it still doesn't work
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Hi Maryellen!

Really sorry about the super late response. I found your email.

I see the issue with it now. Your image is 10 mb.

so there are a couple of things that will go wrong when you try to upload this on the site with your phone.

1. this is the main reason. Our attachment limit per file is 100000 bytes or 0.1 mb.
So while there is no limit to how many photos you can upload, the upload size limit is what is stopping you.

2. The second problem is that due to the file size being this big, if you're using your phone with poor signal or wifi with poor connections, uploading something this big can cause problems if it takes too long and it will break the connection.

I can extend the file size limit to 10 mb if you want.

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Hi lee I just resized my photo and sent you a new one, it's at the smallest setting, check it out and let me know

I'll tell Lee to keep an eye out for that.

Hi lee.
OK let's try increasing my mb and I'll see how it works (changed my mind lol)
Good idea, maryellen. This way we will know for sure for you and for others. :)
I bumped all attachment space to 5000000 bytes or 5 mb :)

Let's see if it works.

Ok let's see if it works I'm going to try to attach a photo here

Ok it says it's resizing it then it says there was a problem uploading please try again
I made the pic settings the smallest I could and I still can't upload
Bird Phasianidae Comb Beak Chicken

I think it may have been your CASL usergroup that's overriding the permissions. Try now.

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What is a casl?

Nope still says error loading the picture
Try now, the per attachment limit wasn't the problem, your total attachment quota was.

Omg it worked!!!!!!!
Rufus and his chickens


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still need to rotate it on your phone first, site won't auto rotate

That's odd cause on my phone its normal.. hmmm let me take another pic
Ok I took this pic normal with my phone in a normal.oosition when you. Hold it, yet the pic posts sideways. ..


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Ok I turned off the smart screen on my phone let's see if this pic works I'm holding my phone in a normal position


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Ok didn't work. I don't know how to fix this.
If I turn my phone sideways it does this


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