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Hi Lee

When I try to upload photos from my galaxy android it says the file is too big and says it is resizing it then it errors out and I can't upload pictures. I have tried resizing them on my android but it still doesn't work
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Just a thought -- could you be holding your phone upside down when you are taking a picture?
I'm holding the phone normal, I held it vertical and horizontal and for some reason the pics have a mind of their own
The egg pic i had my cell horizontal to take a wide pic. The polish hens I took vertical.
This egg pic I took vertical like if you were talking on your cell the normal position


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And the egg pic came out the wrong way on here
Yes, the vertical position is normal for talking but the wide postion is considered the norm
for picture taking. Just as you would with a digital camera.
Ok this is cell horizontal

Now it's upside down


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Now cell geld horizontal with camera button to the right


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Alright, so I guess you just needed a new phone.

Sad news for my phone. My phone slipped off the car seat and got closed in the door.
Goodbye phone. So sad, almost cried. I just loved it. I had insurance on it so new one coming. It is larger than my old one so not sure I am going to like that. :(
I just turned it the other way lol.
Oh no that stinks on your phone!!
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