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left or right side when walking & some other things.....

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So I took Buster for a short walk tonight since he has sutures I didn't want to over do it and he did GREAT.He sat at every stop sign when crossing the street which we have been working on and he pretty much stayed by my side but it was left then the right then the left then the right or right in front so what side should they be walking on,isnt there one particular side you want them to walk on? He had his hackles up for the first few minutes of our walk which I thought was odd but they did go down after awhile until he saw people then right back up they went,any reason for this? He did try to go after a rabbit and a squirrel but I gave a quick pop and he stopped but then whined and stared at the darn things till he could no longer see them.As I was walking back up our street which is up a hill I noticed a small mutt who was on a leash out front with his owners and I tightened up on busters lead so he was right by me with no slack to go anywhere and continued to walk and as soon as the owners looked at Buster they snatched up there mutt and went in then stared at me throught he window..........WTF.I should of said "Yea he'll kill ya with his kisses" :roll: When I dropped him off at the vet to be nutered I was walking up the ramp to go in the doors and another owner and there dog was behind me a few feet and Buster barked and gave a growl but kept on going well once in there I noticed that this other person and dog never came in so I looked and there he was standing outside waiting for Buster to go back before he brought his dog in :shock: I couldn't believe it.People are so rude to say it nicely.They dont know my dog, they dont know what he is like or how he behaves.I want to snap these peoples heads off when they act like this but I bite my tongue but I know it is only a matter of time before I bite my tongue off :? I dont remember going through this with my two pits who have since passed.Maybe the media has made it worse over the years but Buster isn't even a pit he is an AB,AH well let me stop now before this turns into a book :lol:

Do I look like I would bite ( Buster at 4 months ) he is 7 months now
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