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Lets see all those sleeping bullies

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Here is CC sleeping like the queen she is :lol:
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I love the ones where they're on their backs!! My dogs never sleep link that. And I love how Chico, Heidi, and Koa have their tongues out! I have tried to get Jazmine when hers is out, but I always seem to wake her when I go to get the camera.

Here's Jaz fast asleep after a long day playing with about a dozen kids that day!

Sadie and Jaz cuddling on their bed.

Sadie and Jaz cuddling on my bed!
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Sugar is so sweet! Jaz almost always wakes up when I try to get a good pic.

This is too cute!
coco said:
My little girl and Beaux sleeping.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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