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Lets see all those sleeping bullies

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Here is CC sleeping like the queen she is :lol:
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LokersPadokers said:
Kasco said:
LokersPadokers said:
Those pics of Jazzy and Chopper are soo funny. Chopper is laying SO flat!!!
I know, isn't it crazy?! He loved to sleep like that when he was little.
Does he ever sleep like that now??
Not really. He doesn't belly up too often. Only when he's in a playful mood and wants you to get his belly! LOL :lol:
I always take pics of my babies sleeping.... I have tons, but I will just post my faves.....

And everyone's all-time favorite, the "partners in crime" -- wore themselves out tearing up that pillow.

(Side note: Going through my photo albums, I realize I have more pics of Koa sleeping, than Heaven. I think this is related to the fact that she is the devil incarnate, and evil rarely sleeps.)
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LMFAO Luvabull!!! I love the one where Koa has his tongue out. Loki does that sometimes too and it's so funny. I love hearing about how michievious Heaven is :D
Oh my word I just saw Chico and Heidi. They're so hilarious!!!
Tara Nasty (Corso) and Arlo "Angel" - I LOVE this bulldog!!!!!!!

Also Arlo (lap dog) and my son.

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Wow, that picture of my son came out really crappy. Sorry.
Trying again (just because I think they're both handsome). :D

But now you can see the mess in my den........oh well.

<IMG SRC ="http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b6df03b3127cce96988d69b5db00000016108JZtGjlq0s">
Could you turn down the light?
Awww....that last one of Lokers is adorable!!! I love puppy pics. :D
Gracie curled up with her teddy bear

shes even grown a bunch since this pic a couple weeks ago. fell asleep while talkin on the phone

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I love the ones where they're on their backs!! My dogs never sleep link that. And I love how Chico, Heidi, and Koa have their tongues out! I have tried to get Jazmine when hers is out, but I always seem to wake her when I go to get the camera.

Here's Jaz fast asleep after a long day playing with about a dozen kids that day!

Sadie and Jaz cuddling on their bed.

Sadie and Jaz cuddling on my bed!
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She heard me sneak up on her....
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i love all of your pics. i going to try to get one of Gordy. Its hard he hears me coming all of the time. i wanna be part of the cool group so imma try to get on for ya guys.
Love all the pics. And here i thought maddie was the only one who slept on her back with her feet in the air. Must be a bulldog thing.
My little girl and Beaux sleeping.

Zack sleeping!!! Wish I had a picture of him on his back!!!! I love when he sleeps like that.
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