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slid3r said:
For a couple weeks I started to run my dog along my bike for about a mile. After about a month she started limping on her back leg. She randomly would not walk on it for a few seconds, then she will be perfectly fine. I've been taking her on walks on the grass now to ease the pressure, but she still has periods of a few seconds where she will walk on only three legs.

It's not a constant thing and she shows no signs of pain as she can still run full speed, so I'm really lost.
Hard to say, could be Hip, Stifle, or Knee (ACL) was there any other stainuous activity prior to the running. I've seen dogs come up lame after a hard romp in the backyard.
Hmm, I was not paying attention and put it in the wrong section. My bad. I'll move it, rigghht NOW!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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