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Hey all, I recently got a female form the pound that appears to be a AB/APBT mix. She is 11-12 wks old and is doing very well in her new home. She seems to be really smart, picking up new ideas and commands on an almost daily basis. The one problem we are having is that I seem to have A GREAT DEAL more control over her thatn my wife and son. The son is only 3 1/2 yrs old so I can understand that and I'm trying to help him learn how to "talk" to Luna so she'll listen. It is my wife that I am worried about. From what I can see she is doing the right things but the puppy is just not very responsive to her commands. For example jumping up onto the furniture. Where as I can say "OFF" form accross the room and get results, the wife must actually push her back off of the couch while saying "OFF" inorder for the command to sink in. Nipping is another. She won't bite me, but feels the need to constantly mouth the other two.

Any suggestions for getting the puppy to see the wife and son as other alpha's and not "playmates?"

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