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OMG!!!!! They are SO Huge!!!

This warms my heart seeing these babies so big and fat and healthy!! I wish I were closer and could help!

I crossposted this girl all over the place after I got an e-mail about her and her babies. I was So worried and her and her babies just broke my heart even more because we had a foster last year that we yanked from the local AC and she ended up having 13 puppies in my living room. But because of the mom's bad health and disease etc we lost every one of them in about 2 weeks even after tube feeding, bottle feeding, antibiotics and everything we could do. I mean all of these pups and mom went to work with me everyday. I was a mess as we lost each pup and I just completely broke down, laid in the floor and cried for hours and hours when the last one passed.

But to get to the point - sorry I ramble - when I saw the first pic of this mom with those pups the colors, the markings, just everything looked so much like my Kasey's litter it was heartbreaking. I knew I couldn't get there to pull them and would have no where to put them now if I could, but wanted them saved so badly!

So you are keeping Lola right? She is a Doll baby! Love that face!! And those Ears! LOL! If I could have I would have definately kept my Kasey girl, but she had Very high dog aggression and seemed to have been faught before so she could be no where near any other dog at all and I already had our two. But she is in the absolute best possible home I could ask for her. Perfect for her and she is Very loved and very happy.

Ok, off subject again, but wanted to just say Thank you so much!! I am sitting here at work with tears in my eyes now trying not to just cry, so happy these babies have a chance and are doing so well!!! I wish I hadn't sent my huge kennel with my last foster! I do have a regular size kennel left at home still, getting ready to kick Bob out of it. It's probably about the size that Lola could fit easily and comfortably. No clue as to the inches and so on. But, we are getting ready to kick Bob out of it and up stairs to my daughter's room when we are not home. Just don't know how to get it to you??
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