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Long-lasting chew snacks

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Does anyone have any recommendations on some long lasting chew treats? When I leave for work, I like to give Zeus something to “work at.” It seems he can whoof-down just about anything in minutes. Stuffed Kongs work great, but I am looking for more alternatives. I have found bully sticks to be really good also, but was curious to see if I am overlooking anything else.
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We give our dogs raw marrow bones. They love 'em!
phoenix said:
Kasco said:
We give our dogs raw marrow bones. They love 'em!
is this something you can request from an avergae butcher or is there somewhere to order them from?
I get mine frozen at our local grocery store. You can also get them from a butcher shop or meat market. Cheap, too. I usually give each of them one a week.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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