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Orson has had same problem, except no itch. You could just barely pinch his fur and a chunk would come out, seemed his white fur was far worse. Then on his dark fur along the top of his back down to his tail, he started loosing his hair and balding and dandruff bad. ANd he gets these red spots underneath on chest too. He's always shed in chunks, but every couple of months he starts balding on his back. I did change his food recently to DVP duck & potato thinking maybe he was allergic to turkey or beef. Also giving him fish oil pills everyday and one vitamin E pill a day. His fur is now soft and no dandruff, and he still sheds (that will never go away), but it is not falling out with the slightest touch, its managable now. So i don't know what is working, the food or the pills or the combo, but for now it's what i am doing.
Ive taken him to the vet lots about his skin problems and they do all the mange checking and blood work but just put him on anti-biotics, saying "we don't know what it is"...they really have NO idea.
But GOOD LUCK, i think for me, it's gonna be a life-time battle.
Wow, i just read about the follicular dysplasia and that sounds like what happens to Orson's balding back, cause those hairs are black running down his spine. That sucks...one more thing inherently wrong with my dog...bad skin and bad knees! Poor guy!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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