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Losing Puppy teeth??

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When are dogs usually done losing their puppy teeth? I have never noticed any of my dogs losing teeth.

I think Lucy is still losing some, but I have no idea how to tell??? :D
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I'm not sure when they'll stop, but I've seen a few of Koda's come out already, and it's usually when we're playing tug of war, or he's chewing on something hard. I'll notice blood on the toy, or whatever he's in the process of destroying, and sometimes I'll find the tooth and sometimes not. :D
Mench is 5 months and is still losing his teeth. I think we are going to have to extract one in the front because it hasn't fallen out yet and the adult tooth is already out. I found one of Menchies about 2 weeks ago and kept it. I put it in little plastic treasure chest for keepsakes! LOL
It is the same thing I do with my kids!
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