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cfhoftampa said:
RED said:
LuvaBULL said:
Bill was telling me about how much the houses cost down there... WAAAAY less than what you pay up here, and you get WAAAY more space. I had no idea the cost of living was so much lower in TX than Ohio. I'm going to stay here at least another 4 years to build some equity in my home, but after that, I am seriously considering moving there. LOTS of nursing jobs!

Yep steph just got into nursing school. Coast of living is not too bad compared to alot of other places. But when you have to run your A/C 9 months out of the year they have to cut you some slack somewhere. LOL
darn I run my AC 12 months of the year...Why dont floridians get some slack! lol
You get all the slack you need by not having a state tax :D
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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