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Lots O Pics of the Crew!

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We bought the kids a swimming pool for the back yard, Chassis was the only one to dig it.

Cami loves the mud.

My little fat head.

Backyard fun for me and Chassis anyway!

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Texas is freagin awesome. I would never leave this place. Spoken like a true Texan. Who else has so much pride in their state. The heat sucks sometimes, but u can go swimmin, camping, etc all year round. Its great. We never get stuck inside b/c of the weather. Plus we need more bully buddies here in Tx.
LuvaBULL said:
Well I'll tell you what, when I am there, I will have Bill take me around to the area hospitals and check them out. I might even set up some interviews ahead of time. If I can find someone who will pay the kind of money I am making up here (hard to do)... I may consider moving there by next winter. You guys are making it sound so tempting. What's the "best" part of TX to live, that's not too expensive?
I live in Corpus Christ. We are 15 minutes from the beach, and about 20 minutes to farms and ranches. The best of both worlds. It is a very cheap place to live as far as renting, buying a house, etc. It is a good size city, but not with all the bad traffic like houston and dallas. I wouldn't leave for anything. There are about 5 hospitals in the city. You should check it out. You wouldn't have to make as much money, b/c the cost of living is so much lower. I pass the bay on my way to work every day. What a view. Here is a few pictures.

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1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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