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lucky to be alive

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is it just me or is every body tired of the big pit bs? ohh there mean and vicious,they eat kids,what ever!my experiance has taught me that the meanest and most vicious dog in existance is the chiuahua.pound for pound those little dogs are killers so be ware.I warned you just yesterday i was atacked and it was a sobering experiance. luckely i lived thru it and im here to tell you i was scared to death.there was no warning just the atack it came swiftly the shear calculated cunning of this dog is amazing.any way i wanted to share some of my story with you.
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:lol: :lol: :lol:

That was the only dog I was ever attacked by. I was walking to the bus stop and one caming running after me biting my ankles!
:D Harrowing tale! That man-eater should be put down immediately, before he kills someone. Lord knows he could take down an elephant with those powerful jaws.

(And knowing a bit about chihuahuas, I'm sure he believes he could do so! :wink: :D )
They are mean little buggers! Where I used to live there were two chihuahuas that terrorized the whole neighborhood.
LOL I have a Chihuahua and he is the sweet (with the exception of small kids) he loves adults but I put him in everyone face that I could when he was a puppy..He is terrified of kids but that is my fault I let my nieces play with him without watching them and kids not knowing thier own strength well they hurt him....I still feel bad about that but lesson learned......So now if he sees a kid coming he RUNS for the hills!!!!!!!! LOL or under me .. He does what I call run by sniffing he will get close enough to a kid to sniff it but if the kud looks at him he is off...Chi's are like most other dogs it is all in how you raise the little boogers
strange how small dogs can be.... i've been bitten by a german shepard, stalked by a mastiff/pitt, and attacked by a mini pin!!

and which one do you ask am i afraid of? all SMALL dogs!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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