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My 17 week Staffy old pup has similar small lumps. they are on his back and side, some scab up and some dont, they seem to vary in size and appear and disappear. at the moment there are about 20 on his back. They dont bleed and they do not appear to be itchy or irritate him in any way.

My vet did not seem to know what they were, he said it was not ring worm but advised that I apply Iodine solution to them, which hasn’t really had any affect.

He did suggest that it could be an allergic reaction to something and i am going to vary his diet and see if it has any effect. I am also going to take him to anther vet to get a second opinion.

He also has a very mild rash on his tummy, but apart form this he seems perfectly fine.

Did your vet suggest anything?
Or has anyone else had expereince of this?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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