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Lumpy, bumpy Scout went to the vet today...

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... and found out she has allergies, which are apparently very typical among all terriers, but especially our bully-breeds.

She's been getting bumps on her back that come and go. She does not scratch them really, but they are big enough that you can see them through her fur.

She is supposed to change her food (not the brand necessarily, but if the main ingredients are chix and rice, then she needs to go to beef and wheat, etc... just change the ingredients) has some special (read: pricey) shampoo and conditioner to help the bumps, plus has to take benedryl twice a day. Thank goodness for the vet on base, because it's relatively inexpensive.

Apparently, they aren't much of an issue unless she starts scratching, because then we have to worry about infection.

The vet said "aww, she is SUCH a GOOD dog! she is just wonderful!!" They probably say that to all the dogs, but I know I beam like a proud mom. :D

Anyway, I know there were a few threads on bumps, so thought I'd write about our experience today.
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Glad to hear that you got it worked out :D
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