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luna ate rat poison!

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out with the girls last night and my boyfriend calls me - from the 24-hr emergency vet! - luna ate a block of rat poison, blue mouth foaming and all.
we've been getting work done, a new kitchen, and when the guys pulled out the old cabinets there were blocks of rat bait behind the cabinets (we live in nyc). well i guess the guys didn't clean them up, and my boyfriend and i (bad parents, bad parents) didn't think twice about it until...he finds her with a bright blue mouth, trying to figure out what the heck she ate.
the vet did the whole charcol thing, she vomited up a huge pile of the poison, and now we wait while she takes the mass doses of vitamin k.
i am a bit worried - so i'm looking to find someone with POSITIVE experiences to share - perhaps to lift my spirits a bit? but also to stay realistic, what are some long term effects this could have on her? luna seems okay today, a little lethargic but nothing completely unusual. i'm just wanting to know that she'll be okay...
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I'm so sorry. Bear & Molly send big bully kisses and hope Luna is all well soon!!!!
I'm not sure what kind of poisoning rat bait has but my dog went through a similar scenario about 6 weeks ago with insect killer/ fertilizer. The insect killer had organophosphates in it and those are extremely dangerous for dogs. We ended up in three diferent emergency rooms with Heidi and they basically told me she had a very slim chance of making it through the night. Well anyways, I won't ramble on too long because it is a long one but Heidi made it against all the odds and she is completely back to normal now. It was very terrifying but I wanted to say that if Luna is alive after all the charcoal and other treatments she is probably over the "hump". I will give you a list here of all the problems that Heidi came home from the hospital with. I'm not trying to freak you out but I thought it might help so that you aren't panicky if Luna has some problems at first.

- Bladder incontenence (sp?)
-Head and body tremors
-hind limb weakness
-acute pancreatitis
-intestinal, liver, and kidney irritation
- Heidi had regurge at first as well, they may have called it something diferent but it's when they sort of spit up or throw up without any or the heaving. This is not normal

I did a ton of research and joined a couple of groups as well. If you need any advice on diet or supplements to help Luna to a speedy recovery, please PM me, I'd love to help. It's been about six weeks now and Heidi just went to the vet last week for some lab work and the vet basically said that he would have never suspected anything had happened if he didn't know from her former lab results. All of her symptoms are completely gone including the tremors and bladder problems. It just takes time, I was told it can take several months to heal. Also don't be alarmed when you see the black charcoal poops, it's normal. :shock: Give Luna lots of hugs and kisses from us, she'll be in my prayers
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I dont have advice or anything but I want to say how sorry I am that you guys are going through this.
Smart and fast thinking on your boyfriends part to get her over to the vets right away.
I will keep her in my prayers and wish for the best.
Buster is sending kisses her way
thank you all

thanks for all your best wishes - and that list - i was trying to get that kind of list from the vet, but i think they are sometimes hesitant to say too much or too little (uggggh) but a head's up is always nice.
i think luna is eating up (no pun intended!) the sympathy she's getting - she hopped into bed with me this morning (a big no-no in our house) and gave me the "sad eyes"... i'm such a sucker i let her stay. i'm sure she could use the extra cuddles right now.
i will keep you updated about luna's health - and thank you again for all your help and prayers!
I didn't realize that Luna is at home with you. If they let her go home, then I'm sure she is doing good. Did they say she could go back to her regular food? If not, we gave Heidi some boiled hamburger or chicken with rice in the begining. It was really easy on her stomach. Keep us posted
I don't have any advice, I just want to send some well wishes for Luna! Hope she's back to herself very soon!
Oh NO! That's terrifying. I'm glad they let her come home, though. That's a good sign. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you all - hope she continues to improve. [-o<
Vitamin K will help, at least you knew about it and were able to treat it quickly!
My first pittie I owned ate a box of rat poison. she actually chewed thru the unopened box to eat it. we used peroxide to get her to vomit and then the vet gave us vitamin K afterwards. she was fine after the experience, tho she RAN everytime she saw me with peroxide!
The good thing is that she is young and your boyfriend got her to the vet ASAP.
Give her lots of hugs and the boyfriend deserves a big kiss for getting her to the vet so quick.
A lot of guys would have called you first and then the vet. He wasted no time - good for him.
That's terrible. Glad to hear it wasn't worse than it was though. Hope she gets well soon.
I had to have rat bait put out at my house, and before I did I talked to the exterminator and our vet because I was worried about the dogs.

From my understanding, modern rat "poison" isn't really a poison like Heidi ate, it is a highly potent blood thinner. Rats tend to squeeze through very small holes which causes tiny ruptures and internal bleeding that would otherwise be completely harmless and heal almost immediately. If they've ingested the bait, however, the blood becomes so thin that they end up with massive internal hemorrhaging and basically bleed to death. It isn't actually a toxin like a true poison - in other words, the bait itself doesn't do any damage.

High doses of vitamin K are supposed to completely conteract the effects of it. I mean, I would be concerned if I were you, but chances are very good that your dog will be completely fine with the treatment she is getting.
Man what these pups do will kill us. I'm so happy that she is doing good. Give her lots of love and keep us posted on her recovery.
I had a friend who's dog completly recovered.

I am sorry you have to go thru this.
thank you everyone

luna faired through the weekend okay, although i'm a nervous wreck! man, if this is any indicator, i am SO not ready for kids! i would barely let her do anything for fear that she'd get hurt (the vet advised no rough-housing, but i think i took it to an extreme.)
we're keeping up with the vitamin k and we're to bring her back when that is through to see if her blood is clotting okay.
thanks for all your good thoughts and advice!
Chrisnjen said:
From my understanding, modern rat "poison" isn't really a poison like Heidi ate, it is a highly potent blood thinner.
That's really interesting! I didn't know that.

Good luck with Luna! I hope she's ok. It does sound like she's through the worst of it though.
Uggh! That is horrible. Will keep Luna in our thoughts!

Zoe ate poison mushrooms that were growing wild in the yard. We caught it as soon as she did it and took her to the vet within an hour of her eating it. She had to stay there a couple days to monitor her liver function, etc, she did the charcoal and all that and she is 100% fine now. Hope your Luna will have the same result!
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