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Lurking, finally joined!

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Hello from me and Orson. He is a 13 month Olde English Bulldogge. We've been lurking around here for a while and have gotten some good nutrition tips that we are now trying out. This bulldog dry skin-shedding thing is no fun! Looking forward to more great advice for a first time bully owner!

Super Orson at 6 months
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What a cutie pie :love5:

Where did he come from?
Welcome!! Your dog is cute :wink:
Thank you. I got him from a local couple who only have one breeding pair. His dad is 95 pounds and is out of Southern Bulldogges in Arkansas. They don't know what line or breeder is mom came from. He is a great dog, and a quick learner. Last time I weighed him, he was 75 pounds. His growth has slowed down alot, he's just filling out now it seems.

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He is the first OEB on here that is similar body and head type to Deuce. But, Deuce is 6 months and only 55lbs. He is a cute boy. Have fun with the skin.
Yeah, Orson was about 60 pounds when he was 6 months. Deuce still looks like he has ALOT of growin' to do and ALOT of filling out, looks like he's gonna be a big boy! I love his big floppy ears, Orson has small regular english bulldog looking ears but he keeps them back all the time. I'd like to see more pics of Deuce, maybe you have posted some already that I can view?

Orson was about 7 months in this picture. So he only added 10 or so pounds but has muscled-out.

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Welcome! That's a good-looking dog you've got!
Welcome!! He is awesome. I just saw his other pics, too, with the teeth. LOL :lol: What a doll face.
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