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Heres a few pics of our dolly from 6 weeks to 9 months (now )
as you can see dolly was tiny at only 6 weeks and weighing around 5 lbs.
now she is around the 90 lbs and not fat.
Imade her a cart from some pics ive seen on various sites and she loves pulling around and showing off.
We have entered her in a few shows and she is comming along ok .
Dolly is very friendly to people especially kids and is very protective will small children.
she is from Graecia lines and her kc name is Dolly of the downes.

this is dolly next to our staffie at 6 weeks old slightly small looking

this one is dolly at 8 weeks looking pretty good for a baby bullmastiff

this next one is 13 weeks after finding our grandaughters dummy (dolly kept it )

heres dolly at 7 months enjoying some sunshine

heres dolly at 8 months with her cart and a boston terrier hitching a ride at a
molosser breeds rescue funday event to help raise some needed cash for the rescues.

Heres another of dolly pulling her cart with grandaughter on board this time

and another

and as you can see dolly enjoys her cart pulling

we have a foum of our own dedicated to bull and mastiff breeds here in the uk
please feel free to come and join if you want, the link is
we hope our pics are ok with the mods on here,

phill :lol:

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Dolly is such a beauty. I love how she carts around the little girl. That is so cute!
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